when defining innovation, look to this

 Innovation. How do we define it? Is there one standard definition, or is it flexible based on setting?
In his article, “The Innovator’s Mindset: Envisioning the Future“, James Canton shares his perspective on wrapping a definition around innovation, and defining the mindset of an innovator.In his research, he identifies ten strategies that an innovator’s mindset embraces:
1. Bring value and meaning that is clearly unique.
2. Create a culture of inventing that others can build on.
3. Move with velocity to embrace the new.
4. Have the courage to create.
5. Disrupt yourself before others do.
6. If you don’t have passion about an idea, don’t do it.
7. Change something to make it better, bring the value.
8. Monetizing innovation is called success.
9. People do the innovating.
10. Decide what mountain top you want to own, then go for it.As educators, we feel it’s our responsibility to integrate strategies to nurture the innovator’s mindset, and promote skills to propel our learners forward. In a culture of innovation, we believe this can be integrated in a seamless manner.

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