can you force ideas to come? research suggests otherwise.

According to McKinsey’s April 2015 Quarterly article, The Eight Essentials of Innovation, there’s essential that matters the most: ASPIRE.
In order to make your organization aspire, you need to:
1. Link your innovation choices to your strategies.
2. Collaborate. Investing in to bring in ideas, knowledge, and yes, people TOGETHER pays off.
3. Incentives. Thinking like a product manager, you don’t want to pilot stuff that will make 2-3% difference.

Here are some tips that apply not only to companies but to organizations, like school districts, who would like to establish a culture of innovation:
1. Take a good look at what you’re doing to be an innovative organization.
2. Decide what it’s that you’d like to do or achieve with innovation. Purpose matters.
3. Discovery. Can’t force ideas to come. They’re nurtured, and grow organically.

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