ask the right #globaled question inquiry expert suggests

It is no news that the speed at which we can get information has changed drastically. And it is also no news that the same holds true about the way global information travels at record-breaking speed, thanks mostly to social media. We are becoming more globally-aware citizens, and I truly believe, we owe it to our profession to rethink about the way we are opening pathways to raise globally aware citizens of the world.

To that end, I am noticing that some districts are working towards infusing global issues into their curriculum. The philosophy of how we are incorporating them aside, in Kath Murdoch’s The Power of Inquiry, I came across some powerful suggestions of issue- / problem-oriented inquiries that can reshape the way we teach within a global context:

  • How can we make a difference to children in developing countries?
  • Poverty: Whose responsibility?
  • What makes a great leader?
  • What happens when cultures collide?
  • How have inventions changed the world?
  • Can art divide?
  • How does data influence decisions?
  • How can we have a successful restaurant experience in Japan (or any country for that matter)?
  • How might we get to know others in Indonesia (insert any country here)? ​​

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