leading on and off the field: roll tide way of creating + maintaining digital portfolios.

As my team and I have been reflecting on our experience with student-led conferences at the end our year, we are realizing that we would like to lift the level for next year, especially in the way we ask our students to build their portfolios. As if on cue, one of our colleagues from ISTE, Mollie Bounds of Madison City Schools in AL, shared her district’s digital portfolio initiative:

“​We represent an 11,000+ student district in Madison, Alabama (outside Rocket City–Huntsville). We wanted to call your attention to our new documentary entitled “Digital Portfolios: The Whole Child, The Whole Story”. In it’s 38 minutes, we explore the what, how, and WHY of focusing on digital portfolios in schools. We strongly believe this is an essential component to creating empowered digital citizens that can connect and partner globally. We have spent the last 3 years iterating our process among our eleven schools, producing this documentary, and creating a completely FREE public Google Drive folder full of great resources for teachers to use. We are so very proud of the work, and we would adore it if you guys would take a look at it. We would be welcome to some constructive feedback but would also love it if you would share it via Twitter or however you see fit. With your help, I think we can both benefit from any type of partnership or sharing you are willing/able to do with us.

We liked the clarity in process over product, systematic (and consistent) approach, and equally amazing way of pulling data from portfolios to build student profiles in their buildings in turn to use in crafting/revising their curriculum. While this is a story of a district-level approach, we are thinking we can start small as it’s already embedded in our building culture.

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