Bring me the cassette, what is the new hype about playlists?


That’s what I had thought about playlists when I first heard about them. Then, reading a little bit more about them, I thought I’d give them a try.

My team and I created two playlists:

  1. What’s the Matter?
  2. Addition & Subtraction

And then, we shared them with our students.

And waited to see what happened.

So… Students love them. Playlists give students choice in content, in pacing, and in showing their understanding. Teachers love them. Playlists provide guided practice opportunities for students while teachers have increased capacity to work with other students. They are similar to “mentor texts”, texts we carry around when we conference with students in literacy workshop, only they are digital, making them more portable, easily accessible.

Playlists, of course, do not replace direct-instruction.  Teachers still need to provide instruction and respond to the learning curve of each student.

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