#ISTE19 Here I come!

My students and parents know that I get incredibly excited at the prospect of adding to my learning, especially when it’s self-directed, meaningful, and mind-opening. I love the idea of creating my own professional development agenda, the way I know that I will get my most learning done. And ISTE just provides me with that: allows me to create my own pathway in exploring topics that I know I will bring back to my classroom in a way that will make sense to my classroom community, school culture, and district vision. It’s a lot of work, and I cannot wait to tackle it!

…it’s my outlet to feed my teaching soul, empower my learning mind, and ignite my bursting heart for the year ahead.

From Level Up blog

In preparation for this year’s conference, I wrote a quick tips & tricks to navigating around #ISTE19 blog post for Level Up Village. True to my written words, I have been carving my way around the moguls of offerings and creating a playlist for myself. I simply cannot contain my excitement!

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

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