we increased student choice + voice in our classrooms, and this is what the students told us

Embracing the three  principles that play a critical role in developing next generation innovative learners for the world we live in, we invited experts in their field to share how what they played early on in their childhood turned into a purpose in their everyday lives.

Tony Wagner reminds us that research points to play, passion and purpose as the forces that drive young innovators. He suggests that play during early childhood years lead to deep-seated interests (passion), which later on in life develops into a deeper career goal that define life and career goals (purpose).  

In the 2016-17 school year, we invited special guest speakers to share their passions with our students. They were inspired, motivated and developed a deeper understanding of how their life can make a difference.

And here’s what our students had to say:

“J’s mom inspired me with AmeriCares because I did not know that people were really in need for medical supplies. I felt inspired to come up with something this summer, I am making a stand to sell trinkets, and all the money will go to a specific charity.” – CK

“Mrs. H inspired me that traveling takes a lot of effort and thought, and her talking inspired me to make more effort and to be more persistent about what I do. And simply hearing when you are in a bad position, you should not give up.” – EO

“I was inspired by the Five Foot Traveler, because she inspired me to travel. She talked about traveling, and how much she enjoyed it.” – OJ

“Mrs. T inspired me to take action and make sure that everyone wants to learn how to play music should have that option of learning music.” – IS

“I learned that it does not matter what people say about your passion, it matters what you think of it”  – LH 

“Never close our your ideas, always keep your mind open wide for new adventures.” – AC

“My takeaway is that passion is important and it drives your life” – SS

“Try, try, try until you succeed.” – SO

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