we opened our doors to experts in our community, and our student engagement hit all-time-high

Embracing the three crucial principles that play a critical role in developing next generation innovative learners for the world we live in, we invite experts in their field to share how what they played early on in their childhood turned into a passion they pursued, which later developed into purpose in their everyday lives.

Here are their stories:

Mrs. O, who is an executive at Americares, shared with us that maintaining good health gives us access to education, community involvement among many things, and described how her organization helps to achieve this goal. Students engaged in discussions with Mrs. O around how she started getting involved in her community, what (small) steps she took when she was their age,… This was also an opportunity for us to explore the community service line of inquiry of our current Give and Take unit of study, which incorporates an inquiry into community service and action.

Sarah, The Five Foot Traveler,” shared with us how she turned her interest in travel into a passion that took her across all seven continents. Sarah captivated our third-graders with her selfies with animals, waddling penguins, photogenic camels, Mongolian-style toilets, footage of the ride to and her Xmas plunge into the ice-cold waters of Antarctica!

Mrs. H, a nature enthusiast, shared her journey in life and how from an early age she pursued her interests and passions. Students were captivated by her photo collage and how she drew them into the story of her life.

Mrs. M, founder of a global education company, shared a video exchange and collaboration between her students from around the world. She then presented an engineering and design project with students. In groups of three students, everyone collaborated together to create a building using spaghetti sticks. Observing students problem solve, design and share their reasoning for their buildings provided for great discussion.

Mrs. T shared her passion of music and engaged students in using movement, instruments scarves to understanding the rhythm and language of music in storytelling and reading.

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